Microsoft 365
Data Protection

Did you know that Microsoft 365 data is only kept for 30 days after deletion?

Microsoft 365, also known as Office 365, is a Microsoft subscription service that provides users with the latest Office applications, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more. This technological rebrand is “designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security,” according to Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 still has its own set of security gaps that are difficult to address. Businesses, in turn, as hindered from using the platform’s full potential without risking their data’s integrity:

Why choose our Microsoft 365 Protection Solution

Automated Backup

Setting up automated backups for compliance or just to “set and forget” is easy with just a few clicks of a button.

Incremental Backup

Our solution finds and backs up only changed files which means your backup time is fast, and your storage is minimized.

Granular Restore

We provide granular restore so you can easily find and restore a single email, or a mailbox, or the entire email ecosystem.

Pay Per User Pricing

Pay a fixed cost for each user being backed up.


Unlimited number of users.

API Deployment

No hardware / software needed. We use Microsoft 365 Admin credentials to backup your tenant.


256-bit (AES) encryption at rest and in transit.

Data Availability SLA

99.99% Uptime.

Unlimited Storage

No cap on the amount of data being backed up.

M365 Full Protection Includes the following





Groups & Teams

View email without searchRestore site, document library, folder, filesRestore drive, folder, filesRestore calendar events, contacts, tasksDownload files
Migrate per user to other user or destinationRestore to other siteRestore to other driveDownload filesChannel Chat
Download (PST EML)Restore all to one folderRestore all to one folderEmail and Folders for Mailboxes and Public FoldersTasks
Download MailboxDownload filesDownload drive, folder, filesShared MailboxesEmail
Shared MailboxLists – items and columns for all permissionsDrive
Restore mailbox, folder, messageDocument Libraries – content, views and content types for all permissionsSite
Migrate per mailbox to other user or destinationSub-Sites – lists and document librariesCalendar
Download PST, EML, mailboxFiles

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