Email and Productivity Collaboration Security

Over 90% of attacks against organizations start from a malicious email and 75% of ransomware attacks are email-borne. Since email attacks usually involve the human factor, your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments are your organization’s weakest link. Successful phishing and ransomware attacks can cause significant financial damage. Closing this security gap requires protection from various threat vectors: phishing, malware, data theft and account-takeover.

Why choose our M365 Email and Productivity Collaboration Security Solution

Superior Catch Rate

99.2% reduction in phishing attacks reaching the inbox. Blocks 30% more than cloud native security.

Bulletproof security

An API-based solution that catches what everyone else misses.

Full Protection

Complete protection for cloud email and collaboration apps.

Easy Deployment

5-minute setup up. Nothing to deploy.

Inbox Protection

Stop attacks before they reach your inbox.

Collaboration Tools

Works with all cloud email and collaboration platforms.

Our solution offers full protection for cloud email and collaboration apps. Our email and productivity collaboration security solutions protects against the following:

Phishing Protection

Detects and blocks the most advanced phishing attacks across inbound, outbound, and internal communications, in real time, before they reach the end users.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, analyzing over 300+ indicators of phishing and ingesting data from